Berklee College of Music Nicols is a mega talent with an outrageous sensitivity to sound. Her enormous musical aptitude allows her to hear even the subtlest of nuances.” - Craig Najjar

— Berklee College of Music

Adele is brilliant...about as good as any living female jazz singer and better than inspired singer with a seasoned style of her own.” - Len Gorsky

— KVMR Radio, Nevada City, California

Adele Nicols is quickly being recognized as a fresh and innovative voice on the jazz scene. The passion she reveals is intense and very real. This is an artist you'll definitely be hearing more about.” - Jimmy Swift

— Discover Jazz Festival

While a CD of standard jazz tunes isn't the most original material for a debut album, Vermont-based singer Adele Nicols has a skill for infusing well-worn classics with a sense of wonder. With breezy charm and jazzy presentation, her interpretations of familiar tunes such as “All of You” and “Dearly Beloved” transport listeners to a less complicated world where it’s still possible to swing one’s troubles away. Nicols' experience shows, and the warmth in her voice is as mellow and inviting as a cozy fire. The mood is reminiscent of Rick’s Place from Casablanca: Any second, in could walk the one you left behind in Paris, or Madrid, or Des Moines… or perhaps the one you haven’t met yet. The cheery “Joy Spring” could even help Vermonters through those subzero winter days we know so well. Never Let Me Go doesn't break any rules, but that's not the point. As Nicols declares in her shimmering voice, "I'm old-fashioned but I don't mind.” - Casey Rea

— Seven Days Newspaper, Burlington, VT

Elegant, stylish, filled with charm...this best describes the lovely voice of Adele Nicols performing on NEVER LET ME GO. There is a straight-forward feel to her vocals that is enjoyable and satisfying to the ear. Two fine examples are her vocal renditions of the Cole Porter songs, "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" and "All Of You." The ten songs on the CD are well worth your listening time.This lady can sing and entertain. Grab a copy and relax with some lovely performances!” - Lee Prosser


A gentle jazz voice, pretty without being weak, this album of Jazz standards like Porter's "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" and Howard's "Fly Me To The Moon" is a great listen. Nicols' voice, which sounds a little bit like Anita O'Day is backed by a good group of musicians. David Halliday really stands out on alto-sax, and Steve Homan is stellar on guitar. I'm picky with jazz but this is a really fantastic recording. Grace, class, and just a little bit of something that is lost on a lot of today's recordings.” - Chris Pagliei

Vermont Music Shop

Compelling, sensual, full of life. Adele has a voice that embraces you with a wide range and dynamic feel that displays a lot of hard work and training. But the true depth of her sound comes only from the soul...naturally. This is a talent that can be hard to come by today. She possesses a strong sense of intimacy that will deliver pure ecstasy to your ears.” - Steve Boz

— WDEV Radio

Just listen to her vocal take on Clifford Brown's "Joy Spring." Where many vocalists would somehow stray off key during the complex, bopping melody, Nicols takes it perfectly in tune while covering all the trills and turnarounds of the tune. The title track shows off the range of her voice, lilting into the high register with breathy focus.” - Jazz Society of Oregon

— Jazz Society of Oregon

Nicols is a jazz traditionalist in the best sense of the term, selecting tunes that spotlight some of the finest and most revered moments in the history of jazz. But, in true jazz fashion, she re-interprets many of the standards with a stripped-down and accessible ease that invites closer listen. She opens the CD with "Dearly Beloved", a nice invocation that sets an inviting tone for the collection as a whole, especially after she drops into a wonderful scat-like groove midway through the song. The upbeat and bouncy "Joy Spring" follows, highlighting Nicols vocal prowess and the talent of her back-up band, and she gets to the title song on track #3 contemplative and thoughtful. She throws in the wonderful "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" and the pensive "A Foggy Day" to round out the CDs mood as a whole, plus some surprises that I wont spoil for you here. The best thing to do is grab a copy of this collection and listen!” - Rob Williams

— The Valley Reporter

While one gets the sense that the best of Adele Nicols may be yet to come, "Never Let Me Go" stands as a gorgeous introduction to a talented artist and an excellent collection that jazz fans will likely treasure for years to come.” - Tom Huntington

— Times Argus Newspaper