Nicols trained as a classical pianist from the age of seven. After five years she took a break until when nineteen years old, when she spent her junior year of college in Florence, Italy. Although there to study fine-art, she was lucky enough to have been introduced to and mentored by master pianist and teacher, Vanda Scaravelli. This was a defining moment for her as Vanda Scaravelli was a teacher whose childhood home was frequented by musical giants Arturo Toscanini, Andres Segovia, and Pablo Casals. Though other art forms and endeavors would enter onto Nicols' path, music would always be her primary portal into the world of the creative and performing arts. Two years later she moved to Tokyo, immersing herself into the art, music and traditional culture of Japan's rich heritage. It was in the "Shinjiku-Inn" and "Pitt-Inn" that Nicols began sitting in with jazz musicians as a vocalist. Inspired and ready to work, she returned to America and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here, Adele began studying with then Columbia Recording Artist, Ellis Marsalis, and soon got her first regular piano gig at the French Quarter's Fairmont Hotel. In New Orleans she married and gave birth to two children. Her passion as a mother fueled her burgeoning music career, as she shifted her focus from jazz piano to jazz vocals. Nicols' travel passion took her on the road again to northern California. There she received private coaching from legendary jazz vocalist, Mark Murphy. Giving birth to two more children, Adele remained devoted to both motherhood and music. Though her marriage eventually ended, she provided for her family by singing at night and spending the days taking care of them. Nicols moved her family across country one more time to settle in the Green Mountains of Vermont. In the summer of 2004, she released her debut jazz album, "Never Let Me Go." In Vermont she performs in festivals as well as select venues throughout New England and the North East. Adele Nicols is a juried artist endorsed by the Vermont Arts Council. "Never Let Me Go" is currently available for online purchase, including AdeleNicols.com, I-Tunes, and CDBaby.com.