"Never Let Me Go" is nothing if not compelling, with some of the greatest composers in jazz, including Clifford Brown, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Johnny Mercer and Jerome Kern. It includes an exceptional group of musicians, showcasing the piano chops of San Francisco's late and great Al Plank as well as Vermont's own Bruce Sklar. Sacramento's virtuoso guitarist, Steve Homan, is off the hook backing Nicols' voice and kicks his wizardry around all over the place. Also from Sacramento is the charismatic drummer, Jimmy Robinson. Then we've got amazing acoustic bassists, Scott Steed of Portland, Oregon and Clyde Stats from Vermont. Now that's what I'm talkin about. Song List: 1) Dearly Beloved 2) Joy Spring 3) Never Let Me Go 4) I'm Old Fashioned 5) Fly Me To The Moon 6) You'd Be So Nice... 7) All of You 8) Corcovado ("Quiet Nights") 9) A Foggy Day 10) My One and Only Love. Like the artist herself, this debut CD is full of sensuality and surprise. Nicols has produced a first class album for a brand new Vermont Label, Polkadot Records. Some selections are live with a sextet and others are studio sessions as a trio or duo. "Never Let Me Go" saturates the senses and is a soothing remedy for what ails you. Buy this CD at CD Baby We love CD Baby! Buy it from here or send Adele an e-mail and buy directly, either one! Buy the CD